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Ulkaria LIC Software

Ulkaria LIC Software Help LIC Agent in Managing their Policy Record Generates Awesome Reports and also helps in Presentation.

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What is Inside Ulkaria LIC Software?

Ulkaria LIC Software Package Includes Ulkaria LIC Software, Send SMS, Data Online, UT Support and Many more cool stuff that will help LIC Agents in managing their policy Record.

Ulkaria LIC Software Includes Every thing a LIC Agent needs. We Regularly Update Our LIC Software So that it Matches to LIC Agent needs that is why Ulkaria LIC Software is best Software For LIC Agents.

How To Download and Install Ulkaria LIC Software

How it Started

3 years back, My dad was using a software to keep track of his LIC customers. My dad is an LIC agent and he has to keep account of all the policies availed by all his customers. I found that the software he was using was shitty and I asked my dad to stop using it and using some other software, that’s when I came to know through him that it was the best software used by most of the LIC agents.

Know More About Ulkaria LIC Software



No need to feed your Policy Data manually With Ulkaria LIC Software you can directly connect Our LIC Software to your Agent Portal and Download your all Policy Records automatically.


Ulkaria LIC Software Comes with LIC Premium Calculator and by using it you can generate awesome presentation. You can Compare between diffrent LIC Policy Plans and find out which will be best for your client.


Ulkaria LIC Software Generates Awesome Detailed Reports. With Ulkaria LIC Software You can Generate and Print Premium Calender, Premium Due List, Insurence Chart, Survival Benefits and many More cool things.


With Ulkaria LIC Software you can send SMS to your Policy Holders. You can send Details of Policy to Clients and Even you can wish them Birthday.